Today in the city Wainiha 23.05.2018

Phoenix-Area Women Accused of Doing Unlicensed Dental Work

Authorities say two Phoenix-area women have been arrested for allegedly performing unlicensed dental work on five unsuspecting victims at an office in Glendale.

Thirteen Children Killed When School Bus and Train Collide in Northern India

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Thirteen children were killed on Thursday when a school van collided with a train at an unmanned railway crossing in the...

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Succeed And Still Be Nice

Women entrepreneurs can be successful and still be nice, says Fran Hauser, author of 'The Myth of the Nice Girl.' Here are her five tips on how to do it.

Rethink Retirement Planning: Don't Assume Women Live Longer Than Men

Longevity depends on economic, social, and biological factors. At age 55, American men in the top 10% of the earnings distribution will live 4.3 years longer than women in the bottom 90% of the earnin...

Two University of Central Florida students accused of gang-raping woman at frat's party house

Two University of Central Florida students were accused of gang raping a woman Friday at a fraternity’s party home, prompting the school to suspend the fraternity for the second time in a year.

Collectors Pay Attention, Burgundy Wine Auction Realizes A Stunning $7M

The April 2018 Celebration of Burgundy auction from Hart Davis Hart Wine Co. (HDH) brought in $7.2 million dollars, an amount that exceeds the previous record by $1.5 million.

Why The Title You Give Yourself When You Startup Doesn't Matter

What title you choose to give yourself when you launch your new business does not matter. It's not worth spending time worrying about because as a new entrepreneur, titles are interchangeable. There's...

Woman convicted in screwdriver stabbing death of roommate

A 38-year-old Virginia Beach, Va., woman was convicted of voluntary manslaughter Tuesday in the screwdriver death of her 65-year-old male roommate.

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